Contacts & MeetUp

The supporters and the organizers of Movimento 5 Stelle Bruxelles (Movement 5 Stars Brussels) regularly meets themself on-line on the group MeetUp Bruxelles 5 Stelle. The group is open to all.

The Movimento 5 stelle meets itself “in live” too (for the moment to Pianofabriek), generally on tuesday and/or wednesday on the evening.

meetup bruxSites, dates and time of the meetings are regularly publicized on the MeetUp of Brussels.

MeetUp is a site which permits to organize simply meetings between people interested to an argument everywhere on the world. MeetUp has 1.600.000 associated, the groups are created from anyone would that, autonomously, under whichever category.

The Inscription and the participations to a group are free. MeetUp offers several services as management of associated to a group, the mailings lists, the meeting organizations, fora and other.

Link to MeetUp Bruxelles 5 Stelle:

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