Bruxelles In Movimento B.I.M. – Who are us

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Our non-profit association (ASBL in French) is named “Bruxelles in Movimento” (Brussels in motion), an ASBL which has as its object “The study, the observation and the analysis of citizens’ movements and the participative forms of social representation, of communities and of politics, with a special attention to use of new technologies and of new social media. Its main goals are: organizations of meetings, discussions, training’s activities; interactions with organizations wich have similar and convergent purposes; the realization of social and cultural campaigns of sensibilization about the free access to natural and environmental resources, the citizens’ intervention on the territory, the support and the development of cultural activities, the member’s cooperation on the joint buying activities”.

We are mainly activists of meet up “Amici di Beppe Grillo – M5S Bruxelles” (Beppe Grillo’s Friends – M5S Brussels), but as defined in our statute “The association operates independently from any political party and it is inspired, for its internal functioning, by the principle of direct democracy. In this regard, Internet plays a central role in order to facilitate the adhesion to association and for making possible the consultations, the deliberations and the decisions of the members”, then we are open to anyone who wants to get involved and to give his contribution in order to be active part for the positive change of society, based on the principles of equity, respect for the environment, transparence, social and sustainable development, collective conscience. We have felt the need to equip ourselves of a “tool” in order to interact with the civil society of Brussels, with other associations and with other Institutions. By the non-profit association, we especially set a goal to raise awareness, about certain topics, in the Italian and European citizens who live here in Brussels, trying to boost the peoples to become an active part into the civil society.

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